The Firm was established in 1983 by attorneys Amnon Golan and Ilan (Lani) Goldschmidt.  The Firm is active in the civil and commercial fields, with an emphasis on providing long term, personal, loyal and discreet services,  by a permanent experienced staff with expertise in the Firm’s fields of practice. The Firm’s diversity and professionalism afford its clients with a comprehensive professional solution in the Firm’s fields of practice.


The Firm is the exclusive Israeli member of the international chain–I.L.F. – International Law Firms –which operates in global trade and business centers and joins together firms active in the civil commercial fields. This chain of firms serves the Firm’s clients who, within the framework of their business, require services and handling in different countries abroad.


The Firm’s lawyers are, in addition to their office activities, active in other professional activities. For example, Adv. Amnon Golan served for approximately 10 years as a member of the Appeals Committee for Land Tax Matters by the Tel Aviv District Court. Adv. Ilan Goldschmidt serves as Chairman of the Appeals Committee of the National Insurance Institute of Israel in the Tel Aviv and Central Districts, served for approximately 14 years as Chairman of the Appeals Committee on Municipal Rates & Taxes in the City of Herzliya, served for approximately two years as Deputy Chair of the Committee for the Protection of the Profession of the Israel Bar Association, and serves as a member of the tender committees of leading corporations. Adv. Ilana Sperling – Butinsky serves on the Agricultural Sector Committee of the Israel Bar Association and participates in forums concerning the agricultural sector of the Kibbutz Movement. Adv. Liad Shoham is one of the most successful Israeli writers, including amongst his works and publications, books that received much acclaim and which were featured at the top of the bestsellers’ lists in Israel.

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